Hannibal's Bicentennial is being organized by the City of Hannibal and the Hannibal Convention and Visitors Bureau. The Bicentennial Steering Committee meets monthly to plan and organize events and projects to commemorate Hannibal's 200-year history in 2019. Committee members include:
Andy Dorian
Angel Zerbonia
Annie Dixon
Ashley Veach
Beth Knight
Cathie Whelan
Cindy Lovell
Faye Bleigh
Faye Dant
Frank Elmore
Gail Bryant
Hal Benedict
Hallie Yundt-Silver
Heath Hall
Heaven Desmond
Henry Sweets
Jacob Nacke
Jay Thorpe
Jim Waddell
Joe Anderson
Joel Booth
Karen Burditt
Karen Martino
Ken Marks
Laken McDonald
Linda Coleberd
Lisa Marks
Marissa Ellison
Melissa Cummins
Martha Adrian
Mary Glenn Bowman
Mary Lynne Richards
McKenzie Disselhorst
Megan Rapp
Michael Gaines
Mike Marx
Paul Lewellen
Steve Chou

Battle of the Bands (McKenzie Disselhorst, chair)
Beautification (Linda Coleberd, chair)
Bill Lear Innovator's Cup (Laken McDonald, chair)
Budget/Finance/Sponsorships (Karen Burditt, chair)
Car Show (Jay Thorpe, chair)
Concerts/Entertainment (Paul Lewellen & Brian Chaplin, co-chairs)
Film Festival (Andy Dorian & Mike Marx, co-chairs)
Fireworks (Jacob Nacke, chair)
Fredbird Appearances (Mary Lynne Richards, chair)
HHMC Special Event (Paul Lewellen & Brian Chaplin, co-chairs)
Hometown Heroes (Cindy Lovell, chair)
Hot Air Balloons (Faye Bleigh, chair)
Hangar Ball/Vintage Airplane Exhibit (Karen Burditt, chair)
Lasting Legacies/Historical Reenactments (Jim Waddell & Ken Marks, co-chairs)
Marketing (Megan Rapp, chair)
Mayors Reunion (Angel Zerbonia, chair)
Miss Bicentennial (Melissa Cummins, chair)
Old-time Baseball Game (Henry Sweets, chair)
Parade (Cathie Whelan & Beth Knight, co-chairs)
Research (Hallie Yundt-Silver, chair)
Schools and Churches (Faye Dant & Steve Chou, co-chairs)
Service Clubs (McKenzie Disselhorst & Mary Lynne Richards, co-chairs)
Special Performance (Joe Anderson, chair)
Time Capsule (Mary Lynne Richards, chair)
Tom & Becky Reunion (Melissa Cummins, chair)

Hannibal Bicentennial Steering Committee/HCVB | 505 N. 3rd St. Hannibal MO 63401 | Phone: 573-221-2477 | Email: info@hannibal2019.com

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