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When most people think of the famous fictional characters of Hannibal, they probably think first of Mark Twain's characters - Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Jim, Becky Thatcher, Aunt Polly, and others. That's quite a roster, and we can forgive folks for not realizing there are other characters immortalized in various fictional forms. If you're a fan of the musical Damn Yankees, you'll recognize Joe Hardy ("Shoeless Joe From Hannibal, MO). M*A*S*H fans may remember that Colonel Sherman Potter was a Hannibal resident. There's also Joyce Palmieri from Kindergarten Cop, Nick Dunne, the protagonist in the novel Gone Girl, Laura Brooks in the novel FLOOD, and plenty of other famous fictional characters who hail from Hannibal.

In honor of these unforgettable characters, we are grateful to our Bicentennial Sponsors at the Immortal Character Level

"Colonel Sherman Potter" of M*A*S*H, played by Harry Morgan
James O'Donnell Funeral Home
Welch Hickman Hawk
Saints Avenue Bank
Klingner & Associates
P&D Electric, Inc.
Benson Financial Group
Midwest Orthopedic Specialists
Hannibal Clinic
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Bleigh Ready-Mix
Bleigh Construction
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County Market

Brian and Kathy Cornelius

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